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What is micro encapsulation?

Micro‚Äźencapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coatings to give small capsules with many useful properties. Small is better' is an appropriate description of this process. Microencapsulation can also be used to enclose solids, liquids, or gases inside a micrometric wall made of hard or soluble material. It increases the stability and life of the product being encapsulated.

Why and How you can use Micro Encapsulation

  • Convert a liquid to a solid
  • Alter the colloidal or surface properties of actives
  • Improved efficacy / decrease in loss of active
  • Improved / enhanced penetration
  • Separation of incompatible ingredients
  • Increase shelf - life of a product
  • Stabilize an actives
  • Have timed reactions / release of actives
  • Mask the taste of certain actives
  • Enhance your marketing advantages


  • Encapsulated fragrances, solvents, waxes
  • Encapsulated powders, adhesives, extracts
  • Encapsulated fragrances, vitamins
  • Encapsulated lipids, liposomes
  • Encapsulated reactives
  • Encapsulated vitamins
  • Encapsulated botanicals and phytochemicals
  • Encapsulated flavors, fragrances, pheromones
  • Encapsulated oils, herbal extracts
  • Encapsulated antibacterials, herbicides, insecticides
  • Encapsulated dye/color formers


  • Assists in product improvement
  • Assists in process improvement
  • Increase in product efficiency
  • Protects Actives from loss of potency during production
  • Protects Actives from any likely reaction with the Phase
  • Protects Actives from any Degradation, Oxidation and Colour change etc
  • On Demand release of active by rubbing Micro Encapsulated Globules on the skin
  • Substantial decrease in loss of a released encapsulated active
  • Allowing stronger / exceeds penetration