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Quality Assurance

We are highly committed to supply products with high export quality in an organized way through cost-effective manufacturing, distribution and logistics. We constantly endeavor to accomplish the most extreme consumer loyalty by persistently enhancing the adequacy of quality control management systems.


To be a world class, focused and visionary industrial player specializing in cosmetics speciality ingredient products and natural chemical ingredients.

Product Characteristics

The products specifications are created to a great extent taking into account the necessities of our clients and are primarily applied from the demand derived from International Manufacturers.

Product Definition

KV has developed products strictly adhering to USA FDA guidelines with its own technology innovation in general reference from INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

Product Procedures

All of KV products have been created in-house. Our manufacturing, distribution practices and state of the art facilities are similar to the best in the industry.

Investigation and Quality Control

We guarantee our products meet international quality criteria, and industry as well as government regulations. We likewise take full responsibility of hazardous, non restricted materials shipped world wide that would contain banned substances such as animal products or contain carcinogenic materials.

Our business practices has helped us inculcate highest quality standards and customer satisfaction. The following procedures have been applied by us to satisfy our clientele.

  • Conform to foreign laws, customs principles and rules.
  • Implement change and continuous improvement in quality issues.
  • Batch wise examination process which protects the nature of the products from start to finish.
  • Careful last minute final investigation at manufacturing level and the logistics level to guarantee increase in high consumer loyalty level, enhance customer satisfaction level and improve customer retention.